Lessons and Clinics

We offer a variety of lessons at Thunderbird: children, beginner and specific disciplines like barrels, cutting, working cowhorse and roping. And don’t forget basic riding skills and ground work.

Sharra has an excellent kid’s and beginner’s program                                                                           Fees are $50.00 per lesson

Neil’s lessons                                                                                                                                                 Fees are 4 for $200.00

Give us a call 204-728-8161 or drop an e-mail  neil@thunderbirdhorses.com to book yours today.



Messages from some of our clients:

Hi There:

I just wanted to send you an e-mail to say a HUGE thank you to Sharra for taking my kids, Rhoenin and Bryleigh for a ride/lesson! She is absolutely amazing with the kids AND the horses. The kids just loved every minute of it all…. well except Bryleigh and the going home part. She didn’t want to leave and wanted to stay and sleep with the horses. We live in Kelowna, BC and this was the second time there. Every time we are in Brandon we will be calling you up for sure! I am just so appreciative to Sharra  for taking the time with the kids and showing them different tips and for going WAY above and beyond. She truly is amazing and it is really nice to see someone who takes pride in what they do and love what they do. Both my kids talked about her all the way home to Kelowna and continue to do so now. Thank you so much for everything you have done for them and continue to do. Bryleigh especially loved the trotting and loping and wants to do jumps she says. Thanks again for everything! It really means a lot and the world to both my kids.

Colleen, Rhoenin (6) and Bryleigh (4)


Hi Neil and Kathy

Just wanted you to know that Maddie and Buddy have been accepted to ride with Selena O’Hanlon (one of the Canadian Olympic Eventing team members and a member of this year’s WEG team in Normandy)

I thought you would love to know that one of your “babies” will be riding with ROLEX stars LOL. He’s going to look like a midget with a huge heart. Maddie rode with her last weekend and they loved Buddy and Maddie. Said he was brave!

They are making a fantastic team, working on jumping 2’6″ to 2’9″ at a full gallop. He jumped everything she pointed him at, a testament to what she has learned from you about groundwork, softness, release and building trust from you Neil.

Jodie Compeau

Kingston, On.



I wanted to give myself time to get to know Oliver after training and really get a feel for him so I could send a whole hearted testimonial.

I had my horse with Neil for 5 months and though I lived in a different province, did get to see the amazing progress this horse has made month by month. Neil spent so much time on ground work, teaching Oliver manners and the real foundation that most horses seem to be missing these days. I have since trailered my horse back to Saskatchewan but have been blown away day by day at how well rounded and behaved he is. Though Neil started him western, I have been riding him English and Oliver has excelled at both. I have been in clinics and taken lessons and everywhere I go I get asked how old he is. Oliver is only three but is far more behaved than the majority of horses I’ve seen his age. Of course some of this is temperament but if he didn’t have the foundation that Neil laid, I would not have the confidence to be on him today. I am excited to see where we go as we learn and grow together. Neil is HIGHLY recommended, and I wouldn’t consider starting a horse with anyone but him.

Tarren Hewhouse





We would like to Thank  Babs Hamilton for hosting a Horsemanship clinic with Neil March 12th  2016 here at Thunderbird Horse Center. From getting the word out there to posters and the wonderful goodies and coffee in the morning. I’m sure all the participant’s horses enjoyed the treat bags you made up for them. Thanks Babs.



Group1_1Some of the contestants. This ground work clinic also included maneuvering over and around obstacles.





Auditors_1Some of the auditors that participated in the clinic.









Group1a_1   Group1b_1



Group1c_1  Group1d_1



Group2a_1  Group2b_1



Group2c_1  Group2d_1



Some comments from the participants:

The Thunderbird Horse Center Facility speaks for itself and is one of the best in the area. It’s warm and inviting and such a great place to hang out. Neil’s approach to teaching people is so wonderful and by him asking questions, well… to me it show that he cares what we think and what we know and wants to make sure we UNDERSTAND. I find that rare in this day and age where many clinicians just tell you what you WANT to hear, not what you SHOULD hear.


The clinic format was a really good combination of participation and auditing. I learned a lot about watching for rhythm in the gaits, being aware of my horse’s feet and body (bend and straightness), breaking tasks into smaller parts to set my horse up for success, sideways/crossover movements, walking back feet up to front feet. Horse on right flowing into horse on left into back up… well I have been out with my horse already and practicing. Finishing with a liberty demo with THAT horse was spectacular.



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